Hi, my name is Fire Crow and this is my website.

I'm a computer programmer and game/web developer. My focus is on reusable code bases, flexible systems, components/composition, function pointers, state-machines, algorithms, etc.

My Professional experience is in JavaScript web development. Things I tinker with include C/OpenGL 3D game engine development, chaining/function-dispatching, and graph/set theory based systems in C and Scheme.

       email: fire@firecrow.com
  so profile: Fire Crow
    location: New York City, USA

Projects I'm working on, code snippets, tips, and small examples.
unix commands
Legendary for it's power, crypticly simple these are the things I've come to use and enjoy most abou the unix command line and standard binaries.
stream digester (javascript)
Stream digester which tokenizes or formats a stream of character data.
javascript techniques
For me JavaScript is a wonderful language. From its roots in scheme it has closures and anonymous functions. Here are a few of the features that make javascript great to develop in.
abstract property tween
Example of dynamically generating tweened animations with actionscript. Using a custom property to abstract the value away from the actions derived from it.
async context w/node.js
node.js is awesome!
The most exhilarating thing about it, is that using JavaScript for asynchronous callbacks on each event makes managing the context of non-blocking responses, wonderfully simple.
Thoughts, tips, and rants.
competition summation
A simplified and idealized formula to illustrate a concept I've been toying with, where the success or benefit of set of situations for a set of people is modeled.
OOP (meatballs)
Objects are just meatballs in speghetti code
overhead of abstraction
Easy is not always bad, but can be cumbersome, and often makes certain things easy while making others difficult or less flexible.
why python self?
To me this is wonderful. Not because I enjoy seeing self all over the place. Its wonderful because when I think of how computer programs work, it just makes sense. I also think it's important to meet computers where they are, to leverage their full power.
actionscript trace statements in linux
Setting up trace statements for the command line ActionScript compiler.