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Hi, I'm Stephen, a Software Engineer, Aspring Chef, and Musician living in the American Midwest. This site serves as a jumping off place to the activities and bodies of work I'm involved in.

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Here you will find writing on topics that interest me including psychology, business administration, and software development. Most of the recent events of my life are catalogued here (somewhat), or at least give an idea of what was important to me at the time they were written.

Working Smart Is Lonely

When I turned 23 and got tired of answering phones and filing papers in New York, I decided to learn how to write software code around 2008.

There was one huge problem with this plan: I was about to share my escape from other people, with other people who wanted it to be their escape, working for money, answering to people who didn't really understand what we did all day.

What could go wrong, right? Read full article

Uncertainty Is Your Friend

As 2024 begins and 2023 sheds it's calendar presence like the dust settling on a dirt road. I wonder what will happen to the tech industry as it reaches a level of layoffs not disimilar to the early 2000s. Read full article

The Cost of Delighting Users

A lot of discussion has surface lately around the place social media has in society. The most pressing question is how much value is recieved for the time spent on social media and how this effects our lives overall. Read full article

There Is No Box

This article is intended to be funny as I find humour in my circumstances. I tend to refrain from sharing ideas before they are fully composed, but there are some things that may have value to other people before they are entirely understandable. Do the glasses belong inside the case? Read full article

A Lethal Apology

In 2011 I was informed that I was fighting a battle I would not win by myself. When you fight a battle all by yourself there is a part of you that will always secretly want you to loose. because if you win, you are alone. In this case, the battle I was fighting was actually with myself. Read full article

Spray Your Garden With AI, I Trust You Won’t Hit The Neighbours

This message is not for the inspired. It’s for the hopeless. For those who fear that the things they know and love about today will not be available tomorrow.

Because, right now there are a lot of people I know and interact with who are terrified about how AI will replace “them”. The adoption of AI will undoubtedly change things. And while change is not always bad, it usually involves an uncomfortable form of parting ways, to some extent. This is the keyboard I have used to author Software for the last 4 years of my 15 year career. Read full article

Be Judgy, It’s Good For Your Ego

It puzzles me that “Judgment” is seen as such a bad thing for people to do to each other. Bear in mind that I don’t set out to make the world a terrible place, and I don’t think it is one (generally). Read full article

Who Do You Trust

I was on the train yesterday with a few former junkies. I say that without prejudice because honestly they seemed like good people. Read full article

Grab Loose Change

It seems like these days everyone is reaching deep into their pockets to find loose change.

The economic situation after covid is full of reports of recovery (except for San Francisco) and a renewed way of life focused around working less in an office but still consuming and partaking in the same activities and products. Read full article

Expansion May Leave You Behind

I expect massive expansion in the software development industry in the coming few years, mirrored however, by a lot of otherwise talented devs getting left behind. Read full article

Frameworks Cannot Make Lemonade

There are many things that can be said of Front End Software Engineering, many things have and many things will be said to the effect of “FE devs aren’t real devs anyway”. But I stand firmly by the statement that Front End Engineers are no less or no more intelligent or capable than another group, for example, backend, mobile or data engineers.

That being said the culture and technologies commonly used today are not adequately delivering scalability or sophistication, in either technical or human velocity, in nearly the way that I believe they could be, and need to be. Read full article

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