Hi, my name is Firecrow Silvernight. I'm a Software Engineer based out of Falmouth, Cornwall, UK, formerly from New York City.

Over the last 12 years I have learned and developed both technical and interpersonal skills to make me an invaluable software engineer. I tackle large projects with both high velocity and strategic development to balance both business expectations and sustainability. All while bringing a mindset of success to the project teams and departments I am a part of.


Code examples: https://github.com/firecrow quart: A toy language which is an example of how I prefer to organize behavior and implement dynamic typing for objects in a simple static language (C).
crowx: Error reporting macros to simplify error checking in order to maintain clear code not littered with if statements.
Badges Team Building Exercise: https://havenlife.com/blog/remote-team-building-exercises A meeting format I created to award badges between team members which I hosted for 15 of 18 product teams at Haven Life.
NetBSD Network Driver I ported over from another *BSD: https://man.netbsd.org/NetBSD-7.0/alc.4 Around 2013 I purchased a laptop with the latest Aetheros network driver which was not yet supported by NetBSD, I came across a patch for another *BSD which I modified to fit the NetBSD kernel and driver specification.
Patent for HyperScroller, mobile advertising unit: https://patents.justia.com/patent/10832729 I helped create an ad unit which responded to user scroll behavior by playing back and forth on a videos timeline, the product was unique enough to be awarded a US Patent.

"I have been working alongside Firecrow since I joined Haven, and no person has had a bigger impact on me in that time. To start, Firecrow is a fantastic engineer who is never afraid to tackle large challenges and is constantly looking for ways to improve the product and team processes. But even greater than his raw engineering talent is how he builds up the people around him. Firecrow is always looking for ways to get involved with his team and the entire company, taking additional roles, leading team exercises, and generally just building team coherence and camaraderie. He is a truly invaluable individual for any team to have." -- Brian (Software Engineer at Haven Life), Teammate