Stephen/Firecrow Silvernight

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Hi, I'm Stephen, a Software Engineer, Aspiring Chef, and Musician living in the American Midwest, with lots of things to blog about.

I grew up in Iowa in the mid-90s making space-ships in 3D graphics and animation programs (becuase what 10 year old doesn't want to make space-ships). And now have a career in software engineering, and a short stint as a tech founder, and business-minded professional. My music and cooking are my creative outlets.

My name is in flux, becuase my life is too... I change it from Stephen to Firecrow in 2003 to be a "rock-star" and that didn't pan out... oh well... But! it was a fun name to have as a software engineer. I started going by Stephen again when I moved back to Iowa in December of 2023 and have not yet made the transition official.

Get in touch if you like deep conversation, good food, software, psychology, or really depressing music. I like to talk about what is important to you: