Stephen Firecrow Silvernight

Personal website

Hi, I'm Stephen, a Software Engineer, Aspring Chef, and Musician living in the American Midwest. This site serves as a jumping off place to the activities and bodies of work I'm involved in.

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I'd like to talk about what is important to you.


Here you will find writing on topics that interest me including psychology, business administration, and software development.
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Software Engineering

This is a short bit about the company I'm starting and some notable side projects over the years
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Some links: compare basic, templang, view code on github, linked in profile


I dabble in electronic and acoustic music, I have a set list for an album but that's been the case for 20 years or so
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Aspiring Chef

I love to cook effient and nutritious food that is fun, this is a recipie I make regularly and enjoy often
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