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Hi, I'm Stephen, an Aspiring Chef, career Software Engineer, and Aspring Musician living in the American Midwest. This site serves as a jumping off place to the activities and bodies of work I'm involved in.

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Here you will find writing on topics that interest me including psychology, business administration, and software development. Most of the recent events of my life are catalogued here (somewhat), or at least give an idea of what was important to me at the time they were written.

Aspiring Chef

My career is transitioning into the food/service industry. I'm taking a break from technology and looking forward to meeting the people who benefit from the work I do all day. Cooking has always been a passion of mine and I'm excited to join a restaurant's staff in any capacity that helps me become established.

I'm presently studying for my OSHA Safety Certificate, and pursuinig an entry-level job that can be a foothold into the cullinary industry.

Above is something I cooked this morning: shallots, garlic, and red lentils with rice are cooked in one pan to make this combination of flavor, carbohydrates and proteins. Because the olive oil and flavors (shallots/garlic/spices) can begin cooking right away, adding vegetables or meats as those things reduce is possible without any preparation.

The dish takes 15-20 minutes from the time of putting the pan on the burners to eating. I boil water seperately as needed and add the lentils a few minutes before the rice to ensure the proper amount of loosening. This is my favorite go-to quick meal for the morning or at the end of a busy day.

Electronic Music

The music is made by writing computer code which generates sound data. Midi instuments are used to generate organic melodies and patterns. Gekkota, the computer programming project, maps layers of patterns together to form instruments and effects.

Software Engineering - view code on github

My focus is on velocity and productivity while running teams and building complex applications. With a passion for software development for over a decade. My success has included state management systems for an insuratech scale-up, and a team building exercises rolled out to 15 of 18 product teams at a company where he worked at for several years. The depth of the experience is in web technologies, with a recent focus on data/system-level applications in C.

One recent software project, Gekkota, is an electronic music engine which uses C++/C/HIP to harness the power of cpu's and gpu's to build and create electronic music from algorithms and patterns. The application features both a live performance interface and a recording/sequencing ui.

Another recent project is the Vertebrae language, which is written in C over the last few years. The language is functional, with support for lexical closures, and highlights loops, with it's roots mainly in the LISP family of languages.

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