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Acoustic Music

Here you will find some rough recording clips of music I've been working on, mostly recently but some from when I was a teenager in the late 90s/early 2000s.

Already Gone

This is a regretful search for a leader, and the willingness to arise if none is found.


This was written, oritinally on piano, while I was in a psych hospital in 2011 for self-harming behaviour. The song is a reflection of the roots that have shaped me for worse and for better.

Not the same

Most of the ideas that are challenging have a sense of loss that arises from what I thought was the same, but turned out not to be.

Suicide Song

Content Warning This song is about the confusion and resentment that arises when someone you love believes they can hurt themselves, making the blame of who is hurting what you care about confusing. How do you beat up the people who hurt your friends, when it's your friends themselves.

White Lily

This is a song about someone amazing who gets passed over and struggles to find the value they truly have.

Internet Song

This is a very early sketch, there are ideas I like. The sentiment is that human nature was naively thought to be an exposure problem, whereas it's more of a continuation of the past than that to me.

Electronic Music

The music is made by writing computer code which generates sound data. Midi instuments are used to generate organic melodies and patterns. Gekkota, the computer programming project, maps layers of patterns together to form instruments and effects.

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