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Hi, I'm Stephen, a Software Engineer, Aspring Chef, and Musician living in the American Midwest. This site serves as a jumping off place to the activities and bodies of work I'm involved in.

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Compare Basic Company Founder

Compare Basic is the company I have started in Iowa City. It is the way I can deliver what I consider the power of computing. To have increased productivity in a way that leads to a more meaningful life. The system has a lot of breadth to it... wish me luck.

It's based on a lot of the components I created while trying to start IO Ledge Software in England in 2023. This has a more focus product-line to bootstrap the company and a more concise vision that utalizes a lot of the same technology.

Other Software Engineering - view code on github

My focus is on velocity and productivity while running teams and building complex applications. With a passion for software development for over a decade. My success has included state management systems for an insuratech scale-up, and a team building exercises rolled out to 15 of 18 product teams at a company where he worked at for several years. The depth of the experience is in web technologies, with a recent focus on data/system-level applications in C.

One recent software project, Gekkota, is an electronic music engine which uses C++/C/HIP to harness the power of cpu's and gpu's to build and create electronic music from algorithms and patterns. The application features both a live performance interface and a recording/sequencing ui.

Another recent project is the Vertebrae language, which is written in C over the last few years. The language is functional, with support for lexical closures, and highlights loops, with it's roots mainly in the LISP family of languages.

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